DTB System Offer Ventilation and filtration

Ventilation, filtration and dust extraction

17 years of experience and multiple realized projects, make D&TB System a leader in providing solutions for air cleaning.

D&TB system is an authorized representative in Poland of German company Deichmann Umwelttechnik. Mutual cooperation between the companies on designing and execution of ventilation and filtration systems, has resulted in many quality proved technologies and ready solutions, which are applicable in such industries as: mineral processing, wood processing, chemical industry, food industry, iron and steel industry, thermal and dangerous materials industries and many other requiring special handling.

D&TB offers complex solutions on designing lines for air cleaning, de-dusting and recovery of materials in below mentioned branches:

- dumping ground construction
- tunnel constructions
- iron and steel sector
- wood industry
- tobacco industry
- chemical industry
- food industry


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DTB System



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